Site Log

23.5.01 E-Slate interactive video available for streamed playback.
17.5.01 E-Slate 1.3 is available. Microworlds are now distributed as individual files from the 'Microworlds' area.
22.11.00 The english distribution files are updated to correct some problems (see download page).
21.11.00 E-Slate Forum is launched.
14.11.00 Setup.exe file of the english distribution is updated to correct an installation problem.
9.11.00 A hit counter is added to the front page. Hits count from this date onwards.
6.11.00 E-Slate release IV Beta 1.2 is available.
6.9.00 E-Slate release IV Beta 1.1 is available.
7.4.00 Site content and structure is updated to reflect the new distribution model (E-Slate + Microworlds).
4.4.00 E-Slate Early Access Release 1c is available.
2.12.99 E-Slate Early Access Release 1a is available (minor but essential correction to the DataBase component).
15.11.99 E-Slate Early Access Release 1 is available.
10.2.99 E-Slate version 3.0.3 released.
8.2.99 E-Slate version 3.0.2 released.


This site is up, featuring E-Slate 2nd major release.